Resume Writing Services Salt Lake City

Professional resume writing services for the Salt Lake City area!


Our Salt lake City based service offerings train new job seekers to look for work effectively: included in our service offerings are,


  • New Resume core document
  • New Cover letter core document
  • Revise or New LinkedIn Profile creation and localization 
  • Job interview preparation guideance
  • Access to our Resource Library

Choose Resume Alpha for resume writing if you’re seeking work in the salt lake City area!


Who are we?  Recruitment and Selection Specialists

Our Principal Lead, Lorne Bailen, has the dip.HRM (Diploma, Human Resources Management) certification earned in 2017 after many years in helping job seekers with their recruitment and selection needs.

Our success is yours

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


Self improvement is the key challenge for new job seekers. If you are coachable, and have an open mind, then you are already ahead of most candidates. Let us help you bridge any gaps and make your job search end successfully

Resume Rehabilitation: Digital Branding and Experience

We will help you create an online portfolio and Our goal is to help you stand out from your competition. Here is how we do it! 

  • Our firms’ service offerings create professional resumes and cover letters, build branding and strategy through Linkedin and provide insight for interviews!
  • Being a co founder of ResumeAlpha, Lorne has partnered with WebSite Toon, a digital marketing agency, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (just west of Toronto).
  • We are especially experienced in the US employment marketplace as both participants and HR professionals.

How does the resume writing process work?

    1. Core document development 
    2. Stage one completion submitted to client for input
    3. Rewriting and completion of core draft
    4. Cover letter construction follows the key resume document
    5. Job seekers library made accessible at our web site concurrent with interview preparation session
    6. LinkedIn Profile revamped or created new
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Why choose Resume Alpha for resume writing in the Salt Lake City job market?

  • Results driven
  • Web accessible resources
  • Coaching and guidance services
  • Experienced in multi-national organizations, media, financial services, telecom and technology as well as the packaging and manufacturing sectors. is a result driven web resource and consulting company who primary mission is to get jobs for its’ applicant customers. 

We offer a suite of career, guidance and resume writing services that will help you get that job whether you are applying externally or internally. 


“Once I received my coaching package from ResumeAlpha I looked at interviews very differently. They (interviews) really are about me and no one knows me better than me!”


“A second set of experienced eyes was were helpful in perfecting an already perfect resume. Thanks Lorne and the entire team at”


An easy thing to do or so I thought! It wasn’t until I received my new resume that I realised how much I needed the help and once received it freed me to look more effectively for work. 


Get in touch with us today. 


So, if you are looking for work In Salt Lake City, then contact us for resume writing help.A Professionally WRITTEN RESUME WILL HELP SHORTEN YOUR JOB SEARCH.THE AVERAGE JOB SEARCH without a good resume ends unsuccessfully: make the decision today to be a winner when you seek jobs!

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