The following are guidelines and ideas that will help give you confidence and conviction that are valuable commodities for discussions with any employer. 

Behaviorally Based Interview Questions


Have you ever failed to achieve a goal at work?


  • Situation: I had set a huge goal that would have made 10 times more profit for our department. Also, I created a plan and followed the necessary steps to achieve it.  


    • Task: I had to adapt to several roadblocks and challenges, etc. that naturally popped up. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in the timeline and failed to achieve the goal in the due time. 
    • Action: I took full responsibility for not having achieved the goal. It was also a great learning experience as I certainly came out on the other side smarter and more skilled.But, It made me aware of what to do next time in such a situation.


  • Result: Next time, we were able to meet our desired goal two months short of the deadline.

Response for Agism


  • Lead with Energy not Experience
  • Adopt a consulting mindset
  • Demonstrate Humility and a non-hierarchical approach
  • Connect with your interviewer
  • Show your ability to work with diverse work force members
  • Look the part 
  • Re-frame your responses to eliminate inappropriateness


Avoid these five errors

  • Length. Resume Alpha suggests that your Response length should be maximum 3 minutes!
  • Not Answering the Question. Answer both the question asked and the interviewer’s unsaid concern. This comes from preparing for the interview.
  • Speaking before thinking. You will likely face an interview question that you’re not ready for. Whether you sink or swim, depends on how you respond. Start by answering what you feel most confident about and go from there.
  • Providing Generic Answers. Gather the key facts about the organization and craft answers that describe yourself effectively.
  • Not creating a conversation. A good interview splits the airtime 50/50 between the interviewer and the interviewee.