Our Silver and Gold packages specifically detail these needs as a key objective of your job search! But what does promotion and job change really mean? What are the key things to target and to watch out for? Is it even possible in an age of employment confusion to clarify the above and make realistic action plans to achieve that wish you want and that wish you need?

Our response is that it is critically important for all employees but especially those in mid career to continue to ‘sharpen the saw’! By this we mean you should be always a continuous learner and be able to demonstrate that you are up to date! You should also review your key needs and prioritize them so you can achieve work life balance and work goals-these are not independent of each other. 

Job search which is the manifestation of the above requires that you conduct an inventory of your skillsets, intellectual capital and behavioural traits such as your strengths, motivations, personality traits and core values! In other words, be clear to yourself and then to others about the distinct value you bring to the table in any situation!

Our process is to write resumes that you as the candidate can speak to and be comfortable in your presentation. Practice is good however honesty with yourself and with the resume creation process is even more important. 

To summarise, Resume Alpha will facilitate your resume and cover letter based on your input in our collaborative phase and then using our knowledge of resume creation forward to you a finished document that will help you in applying to job roles.

Our service packages include:

  • Producing a professional resume and cover letter
  • Conferring with you for feedback
  • Ensuring your resume is optimised for AI and applicant tracking systems
  • Interview coaching
  • Library of information to assist your job search