Professionals, like all employees, need to have a up to date resume-one that speaks to their intellectual capital and development. More so than other employees, Professionals need to constantly show their current skills, and broadcast to their peers and superiors why they hold these positions!

In this light, our service has two sessions to ensure that the great twin achievements of knowledge and experience are aligned to character strengths and the resume is only the first step in documenting these assets. The need to present this to all constituents of an organization, whether direct reports, or peers or superiors or any stakeholder requires strength where often it is left unaided. 

This need is answered by our Gold package with its two interview guidance sessions; its focus on collaboration to produce an effective resume and helping you relate opportunity to your needs and wants. 

To summarise, the GOLD package will provide full suite access to our executive level services that will produce results across the board. 

Being based in Mississauga, our experience with the needs of a diverse group of applicants in the dynamic private and public economies found in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the regional municipalities of Peel and Halton, will be of great assistance to you in your job search needs.

Our principle HR professional has been helping applicants and local area business since 2012. This base of experience combined with our on line resources will make it easy for all roles in any organization.