In case you missed it, this week we’ve been talking about an online training session I held that shows you how to be a knockout candidate.
Before I held the training, I asked readers to share what they hoped to gain from their next job.
One said:
“Just a steady job in which I can learn new things and use my many years of experience to make the company better.”
Another said:
“A more directed career path that I continue to develop and grow with.”
One in particular hit home for me:
“I want to work with a company that has a great culture, demonstrates appreciation and respect for my experience and creative talents while making a good living and making a difference in people’s lives. I want to LOVE coming to work and giving 200%.”
I couldn’t agree more.
That’s something I value about our community – we’re the kind of people who want to give back in people’s lives.
That’s why, during the online training, I focused on helping you win your interview so you can find a job that you really want, where you can give your absolute best, and not have to settle for a job you don’t love.
However, I do want to be clear that good and bad interviewers (potential future bosses) exist out there – which means you DON’T want to get the job 100% of the time.
Sometimes the job isn’t a good fit.