How does the resume writing process work?

Once your have communicated your needs to us, and completed your account agreement, we will collaborated with you to produce a first draft which will be forwarded to you within 5 business days. This will provide you a window to provide feedback to us with another round of revisions. This process takes about two weeks.

ResumeAlpha will screen or filter your email to make it robot proof so that the recruitment software will not screen you out due to a lack of fit according to its algorithm. Based on keywords and formatting, we can optimize your resume to get the attention of your audience.

How do I collaborate with the resume writer?

Our service is a collaboration process: We will use your current or past resume as a source of base material of information. If you don’t have a resume we will forward a questionnaire for your completion and that will allow us to draft a resume for your consideration but one that is meant to be revised once your had your chance to make input to it.

Once done, we will incorporate your input into a final product that takes advantage of correct syntax, English language grammar and vocabulary. Furthermore we will format the document into any one of the popular file types such as .doc or pdf.

How does the guarantee work?

Not only do we professionally write your resume, we want to make sure it gets you results. So, if you are not receiving two times more job interviews within 60 days of receiving your resume, we will write it again one time, free-of-charge. You must notify us in writing within 180 days of receiving your final copy. Only certain packages are eligible for our guarantee.

How long will I have access to the library?

As a current client, your library privileges will be for a full 60 days? Because we add and refresh material all the time, the documents available on our library server is current and is intended to help your continuous learning-as a job seeker you want to know what the current best practices of organizations are and we have scanned many current workforce and management sources to provide a convenient one stop method for you to be up to date!

Do you write up references?

References are important and one of your tasks is to put together employment, academic and peer to peer references. Please see our library for additional information. We are happy to provide this form of guidance however your service package does not include reference creation or drafting.


Knowledge of both of Canada’s official languages is a very useful skiilset in the employment market however we do not provide a translation service.


We recommend resumes be updated on a regular basis-either because of a status of employment change on your part or because of the addition of new certifications or credentials. Minor modifications can be accommodated by your simply adding in the correct section the change of information; however this is not part of the service package.


It is not generally not necessary to have more than one resume. With that stated different opportunities may require restructuring of a resume to accommodate unique needs or fit requirements.    That is why we make our library available for 60 days after the account commences. Because your learn how to market yourself correctly on the job market, you are best suited to answering the need for plural resume creation.


The process is a collaborative effort with our directing your learning how to handle the application process and job interview session.  We will use any resume you have and make appropriate changes by use of a questionnaire. Once you have completed this first step expect to have your resume delivered in five business days. After the feedback period, we will accommodate those changes you suggest for your document. Communication is by email and by telephone for the coaching.


One session of 30 minutes for the Industrial Occupations and Knowledge based workers packages and One session of 60 minutes for the Management Professional package.


Those looking for a definitive role who wish to leave their current employment situation and feel that they may in fact quit prior to finding alternative opportunities are considered active applicants. This is critically important as employers often take advantage of the so called sellers market, ie they know you wish to leave or need a job and base their offer on your need to move now. As you can surmise your value on the market is reduced by this concept.

Conversely passive applicants are ones that may not be looking or thinking only in mild terms of job change. Recruiters will reach out to you especially if you have a social media presence. Ironically your lack of preparation for job change allows employers to bias their offer to a so called lesser offer, know as lagging the market in compensation theory.

Are certifications important?

Credentials from school, licences from standards boards and certifications issued by government or nongovernmental agencies are all valuable. It is important that they be valid and provable but also that your copy be original or certificated duplications and that the hard copy be clean and legible. It is advisable to have this attached as an extra page to your enclosure to any application where allowed or requested.

Questions to be asked during interviews!

Asking questions when prompted to do so is a great indicator of interest in the job and company. It is also an excellent time to find out about the employers expectations, on the job training and education and especially about organizational culture. Please see our library tip sheet on core and optional questions to pose.

Panel Interview preparation.

More and more, employers seek additional opinions during a first and second round interview session.  This is especially true in the public sector but large federally regulated organizations like transportation, telecom or financial services utilise panels.

We do offer specific counsel on this but as a generalization we always start the premise that you are the expert on you! Therefore speaking to your strengths should pose no challenge: if it does then you need more time to prepared. We have stated elsewhere that like any homework assignment, you need to ensure your have completed your preparations and once done the process is much easier.

How do I treat the gaps of Employment on my resume?

All resumes must pass the honesty test. You need to better understand your own employment history and the gaps within the employment record. They are not a problem as long as your were productive with personal or life issues during the gaps. For example taking time off to take care of a family member or to return to school are excellent reasons for leaving full time employment. It is necessary for you to be comfortable with the gaps. Employers only are concerned if your gaps did not result in key learnings ( school ) or personal resolution ( family ).

Can you prepare me to return to the job market after many years of absence?

Life credits, ie experiences gained outside of the traditional job market do not receive much attention or respect. However when you think about it, your positive life experiences may be of value to certain kinds of employers. The challenge is to identify your key skillsets, update these and then highlight your character improvements-both elements of great interest to employers.

How are alternate part time and other occupations treated for purposes of job applications?

Employers, as a generalization require you to be able to focus on and be available for their job need first. One is free to pursue other interests outside of the core employment role to the degree that it does not interfere with the employment contracts stipulation that you are available to work as required and able to focus on the job as required. If your alternate opportunities prevent this prioritization then you must rethink your commitment to the part time jobs verses your need for full time.

Non Relevant licences.

Some years ago I interviewed an applicant who was obviously smart and well organised. He presented his private pilots license even though the role he was applying for made no requirement for this of license. 

In fact on discussion with him, his great passion was aviation and he was working only to earn funds to fly.  Once he earned more advanced licences he was going to quit and take up opportunities in aviation. This is a case where showing the credentials worked against his interest. Employers do not hire temporarily unless they state so and full time employment is just that;full time. I recommend to all applicants that they be honest with themselves before entering the job search process. If you cannot commit to staying with the employer then do not expect the employer to commit to you.

What are non relevant facts that need not be shared with employers?

See out tip sheet for more on this topic.